Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Five Minute Friday

I love the ordinary. While others derive pleasure from planning the next trip or event, I long for the simple and routine. I love the ordinary snatches of everyday life.

Stirring another pot of steel cut oatmeal (or "Bunny Kibble," as Natalie has dubbed it).
Folding another load of warm laundry.
Another six minute drive to dance.
Reading the next chapter of Charlotte's Web before bed.
Hitting the start button on the dishwasher.
Tucking her in with a prayer to the sound of Hidden in my Heart lullabies.
Washing those thick pink ballet tights again.
Writing another blog post and putting clean sheets on the bed weekly.

When we lose those we love, the ordinary is amplified to extraordinary. Every memory including them is more special, more treasured.

This year I lost my sweet Auntie to terminal cancer. She was 58. And all of the ordinary weekends we spent together, the ordinary drives, and ordinary meals around an inherited table, have become the most precious of recollections.

Loving the ordinary is a way we can love God -- to give weight and gratitude for every moment. To truly recognize the gift that is in the 24/7 of this life. I love the ordinary because it lives in the extra{ordinary}.


Five Minute Friday is a weekly writing exercise hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. Set a timer and write for five minutes without stopping and without editing, then link up with Lisa-Jo.

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