I've been working on simplifying my life over the course of the last several months. I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition last week, and I simply can't keep up my usual life pace. The frustration is that I can't. The fun part is figuring out what's worth my time & energy. I'll tell you what's on the list so far:

cuddling with my kids
journaling & creativity
feathering the nest {although more feathers may be left out of place than before}
family time

going out every day
attempting significant car trips alone
letting external stressors in the front door
guilt that i can't measure up to others' or my own previous standards
extras & unnecessaries

My energy is severely compromised. I can't be on my feet very long. I limp sometimes. I run fevers, which is the only type of running I do.

My life is going to look different now than it used to. So that's what I'm in the process of accepting. I'm also in the process of accepting that I'll possibly be in pain the majority of my life {for now, that's every day, but hopefully my new treatment plan will help}.

I'm going to have to make decisions about what I can manage, and what's not feasible.

I'll tell you what I will not cut: my daughters. They will know and feel that I love and adore them, and that I have what it takes to take good care of them. Even if that's all I can manage some days.


  1. Such a wonderful attitude to your illness and life it gives me great inspiration !! I was having a bad day. Thank you. Terry Byrne

  2. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your wonderful priorities. I admire you for them!

  3. What a beautiful approach ~ inspiring!

  4. I understand the dilemma so well. I can't imagine how hard it must be to go from having enough energy to being significantly fatigued, and I'm very sorry you have to experience it. I think you are handling it honestly and wisely. And what your girls will remember is that you love them and they matter to you. Love you!

  5. I have to agree with all the above comments, my thoughts are with you.


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