Kindred Spirits: Telling & Celebrating Our Stories

Image of {Seeking Grace} ~ Prayer Journal

Last summer I stumbled upon a kindred spirit. This kindred spirit not only loves journaling and helping others to capture their stories, she creates her own beautiful, unique little journals and sells them online. I immediately loved her personality and creativity and emailed her to tell her that we were obviously kindred spirits. 

Thankfully, she graciously emailed me back promptly, complimented me on Live Art.fully and agreed that we were definitely kindred spirits. {She's just cool like that.}

My kindred spirit is none other than Katie of Gadanke. Katie divides her time between Germany and a unique house made of tires in the Rocky Mountains. 

If you don't know Katie, here are my Top Five Reasons to Adore Katie (in no particular order):

1.) She celebrates stories!
2.) She's eco-friendly
3.) She can fly a plane
4.) She's always creating
5.) She has a fabulous personality

Sample Journal Page

A couple months ago, Katie sent me her Seeking Grace prayer journal. I journaled about loss, faith, illness, trust, friendships, and much more and sent it back to her. Katie photographed some of my pages and you can see them here: http://www.gadanke.com/share?loadJournal=6 {just click on the Seeking Grace Prayer Journal by Jenn}.

Katie makes journals that are super fun to fill. They come with rings that open and shut so you can rearrange the pages, add things, and completely personalize your journal. They are small and easy to toss in your bag or pocket and take with you. They come with prompts, brightly colored cover options, and well.... just see for yourself: http://www.gadanke.com/products

Are you inspired yet? Want to create your own Gadanke journal? Well, you're in luck! Katie has generously offered    my readers {that means YOU!} 10% off all orders for the next 5 days. Just go browse her shop and when you check out, use discount code LOVEJENN10.

Need more info?

Finding Katie and Gadanke:  
*blogging about creating a simpler, handmade life and celebrating our stories
motto:  celebrate your story!
about Gadanke: 
Document who you are and what you crave and believe.  Handmade journaling products at Gadanke are filled with creative writing prompts and tidbits to make you think (and laugh!).  These baby books, prayer journals, travel books, and diaries make your writing process more meaningful and fun!  Plus they're totally eco-savvy with 100% recycled papers.

I know you will love Katie & making her journals your own. 


  1. Oh my goodness! You are the Jennifer who I have seen on Gadanke! I just perused through your journal on there yesterday. I got to meet Katie at Blissdom Blog Conference. She is super sweet and I love her journals! Thank you for visiting my blog. You are very kind. Wonderful to meet you and enjoy your beautiful art & blog. :D

  2. Hi Shan! I would love to go to Blissdom. Hopefully someday. How great that got to meet Katie!

    Thank you so much for visiting & saying hello. You made my day. :-)

  3. I really liked seeing the photos of your journal. She photographs them beautifully! Thank you for sharing such a personal journal.


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