A Hunting We Will Go

Hello Monday and all of your mercies!

We crammed our weekend full to overflowing with celebrating a certain little girl who recently turned five, and our annual tradition of pumpkin pancakes and tree hunting merriment. Fun all around.

I am lucky to have married a man who LOVES Christmas. We are celebrating our tenth married Christmas this year, and we have some wonderful traditions:

We start in November with getting matching Christmas PJs for the girls, four personalized stockings hung by the chimney, pumpkin pancakes before tree hunting, and the list goes on. We love Christmas as both a time to focus on Jesus, and a time to be together, make memories as a family and to enjoy the wonder of the season.

Yesterday we hunted for the perfect tree, but everyday I want to remember to hunt for the beauty around me, to sniff out the graces, and to give thanks for every gift, large and small.

{Want to hunt graces with me today?}

hot coffee on cold mornings
little girls making paper snowflakes
folding warm laundry
warm afghans
lights on a tree
fuzzy socks
physical therapy
little girl tights hanging to dry
a clean house
five years of life for my youngest
my husband, my friend
texting with my Dad
people to love
pumpkin pancakes
strength for every day
new stickers for journaling

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  1. Christina@toshowthemjesus.comDecember 5, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    Pumpkin pancakes sound wonderful! I'm so glad I stopped by here. Such a beautiful blog and a beautiful family. Thank for sharing!

  2. Another year as the friend of a sparkle-fun precious girl, and that our family got to celebrate with her and her family.
    A blissful European vacation for my beloved sibling and her husband.
    Sharing memories of my growing up with my son, and getting to make new memories together.
    The magic of the season, and that I get to share it with a child.
    Several different businesses helping us get our gas fireplace going again.
    My thoughtful, practical, brilliant husband.
    Watching my son growing and learning and tackling new experiences with the assurance that he can do it.
    My parents, for the way they've loved me through the years, and that I can still ask them questions and draw upon their wisdom.

  3. You have such wonderful family traditions. That is awesome! Your family is adorable! :) I love folding warm laundry. Smells and feels so good! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  4. so enjoyed reading your blog! What beautiful little ones. You have a way with words. (Im stacie's sister :-)


  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog a few weeks ago! I like your list. :)


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