Staying Awake to Life

My word this year is more active than last year's. Last year I chose Still. This year I choose AWAKE!

I want to stay awake to the moments. I want to wake up and not just dream dreams but take steps to make them reality.

So far so good this year....

I have dreamed of enrolling my oldest daughter in ballet classes since she was about two years old. She is turning eight this week and she and her sister will attend their fourth ballet class.

From the age of five, I have loved reading. I read voraciously through my childhood and when I stopped to take a breath, around the age of twelve, I realized I was also a writer. For years I have dreamed of writing a book. In 2007 I started one. I began to tell a story about a man who experienced heartbreaking loss and  unconventionally learned to love again. That man is my late grandfather. I write in fits and starts, around other dreams, goals and responsibilities. Last summer I was on a roll. This year I dove back in, and finally chose a title, after 4.5 years and many working titles. I emailed a NY Times best-selling memoir author and teacher. I got serious about telling this story.

This year, I want to learn to stay awake to life: to invest in what will help us grow; to continue to capture the moments and the beauty all around; to say YES to life!


  1. Way to go you!!! Awake is a most wonderful word for your year...full of dreams and hopes and plans. I'm so thankful that you're pursing your loves, for both you and the girls. Asking our God to help you "see" what's around you, dear heart. xo

  2. What a beautiful picture! I look forward to reading about what the Lord teaches you this year as you strive to be AWAKE!

  3. I think it is a very Brave word, because it's not one I'd want to hear before 11 am! It's exciting to read the ways you already see it acting in your life, making your dreams live. And I adore the photo. <3

  4. Jennifer, thank you for creating and sharing this beautiful, yet painful journey of yours. My prayers are with you as you continue this journey through life for others to read. You are an inspiration to many. The pictures of your beautiful family are so precious. God bless.

  5. Such a sweet picture. Treasure those moments. They are all too fleeting....

    Awake is a great word. As the mom of a 16yo who is testing her wings every chance she gets, I wish that I could have every.single.day.back. The good and the bad. She's still here and I already miss her.


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