Through My Eyes

I look for beauty in every day. Every day, whether at home or out, I keep my eyes open for gifts. I can always find them in nature -- a little bird, a wildflower, clouds, trees, water, skylines. That's easy. But sometimes I'm indoors all day, and so then I have to look a bit harder to find the beauty.

But consciously or subconsciously, it's my daily mission to find it. When I do, I like to capture it. Here are some views of beauty through my eyes.

I hope you noticed the beauty this Christmas season.


  1. Oh, Jennifer, I love seeing the world through your eyes. You find beauty in the ashes, joy in the pain, and gifts in the everyday. Thank you for sharing beauty today. May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve and glorify Him!

  2. YOU are the beauty in my day today.
    Love, Theresa

  3. Your little girls are some of my favorite beauty. I love your photo of the Christmas tree farm also. Thank you for sharing some of your beauty views! Love you!

  4. You have inspired me to do the same, Jennifer! I just published a blog post about finding joy in the pain and good gifts from God all around me. Thanks for the inspiration and for your good example!


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