Hello First Fall Monday!

Just a quick little post today to say hello to Monday and the week. I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard from Lisa Leonard Designs. Do you know Lisa? Lisa is mom to two boys, wife to Steve, lives in Cali and is a jewelry designer, photographer, and all around creative. Love her blog. Go visit!

Hello Monday!
Hello steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon & cream
Hello coffee in my Penguin Books mug
Hello Peppermint Mocha creamer (YAY, it's that time of year!)
Hello getting the laundry going
Hello costochondritis
Hello doing math with my 6 year-old
Hello getting organized for the week
Hello still-in-my-pjs-at-2-pm
Hello first week of Fall
Hello Fall TV premiere week!
Hello rain, I've missed you...

What's your Monday holding? I'd love to hear. Share in the comments, or jump in and link up with Lisa.

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  1. Hurray for oatmeal, and penguin books mug, and rain! Boo to costochondritis, don't come again another day!
    Challenges in our day:
    --hard to get going for both of us
    --having to leave a beloved stuffed toy at school for the night
    --an unavoidable errand with a tired child
    --dog getting soaked because I'm not used to putting on her raincoat before we step out our door.
    Good things in our day:
    --a free clock for our kitchen wall
    --aching and fatigue not as extreme as the last few days
    --even though his playing still doesn't look like I would expect, realizing just how much progress the boy has made in piano in the last year
    --finding a new way to learn spelling words that is hopefully more effective
    --him being able to tell us that reading through colored glasses is easier WAHOO!
    --hearing that my backordered contact lenses have come in
    --looking forward to quiet reading at the county library


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