I've been silent for far too long on this blog. 2014 was a year of crisis for our family. It's a very long story, and I don't have the heart to tell it at this time, but we are well now, and spending 2015 rebuilding and becoming Stronger (my word for 2015). 

I'm learning to live my best life with a couple of new diagnoses. But I am being completely honest when I tell you I'm doing better than I've been in years. And I'm so grateful. I've been wanting to write again and I have some really exciting things to share, but first I had to construct a little bridge from where I left my blog in early 2014 (before the bottom dropped out of my life) to now. If you're still subscribed after all this time, thank you for sticking around.

I'll be back soon with new content that reflects my Stronger, joy-filled, artistic adventures of late. 

If you're in a dark place right now, I'd love to encourage you that this is just one chapter of your life. Things can look so dark and bleak and you may think that your life is ending. Please hang on and know that a new chapter is coming. And it may just be the best one yet. The one you will look back and remember as a favorite. You're writing your story, and it's not over. Adventures await! 

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