Releasing the Past

Words, and how we use them, help define our experiences. The language we use has the power to trap or free us. I want to begin identifying my problem words and replacing them with language that still holds a positive connotation for me, so I can go into situations freed to embrace the experience, not trapping myself into the same box as past journeys have been stored. This concept has the potential to evoke change over the past, the present, and the future.

Past hurts, sorted through and re-processed using new language, may well be released or forgiven, leaving behind peace and freedom. Unintentional hurts, for example, hold less power for me than intentional hurts. If in my reexamination of something in my past that hurt me, I come to the conclusion that my wounds were secondary to someone else's (their hurt caused them to hurt me), my compassion for their pain can help erase mine.

Learning these tools is Drivers Ed for trauma. Once educated, I can give my traumas license to take their leave. They can pack their baggage and hit the road.


  1. "Driver's ed for trauma." I like that concept. It does help to reframe our situations...see them through different eyes and yes, speak about them with different words.

  2. It does make a difference to process past hurts. I find one of my challenges is finding HOW to do that. Once in awhile I just know what I need to do, but more often than not I struggle to find the right vehicle to be able to navigate through.

  3. great post! it's amazing the power that words have over how we define our experience


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