The Story of Live Art.fully

The year I turned 30, between two trials in my life, I adopted a way of looking at the world. It is a perspective, if you will, that is much more than two words can contain. I dubbed it Live Art.fully.

To Live Art.fully, bare bones, is to live fully, using art. But how do you live fully? And what if you're not an artist? Then what?

I spent most of my life convincing myself I was not an artist. I was creative, yes. I was a writer, or at least wanted to be. I doodled, wrote poetry, and scribbled endlessly in spiral bound books. I read voraciously. I loved hearing people's stories and at times, liked to tell my own, especially through the medium of writing. I loved drama & acting. I dabbled in music, learning three musical instruments and singing, but mastering none. I liked taking pictures. Through school, personal, and professional endeavors, I learned elements of design, layout, formatting, writing, editing, and publishing.

But I was not, absolutely not, an artist.

What I have learned is that what I do, all those outlets of creativity, is art. My life is an artful life.

Everyone faces obstacles in their lives, some more than others, and everyone has their own tragedies. I am not exempt from that, and have experienced many things in my life that were painful. You have read about some of them in previous posts.

What I learned, and still learn nearly daily, is that growth is a choice. We can take these hard things and let them help us grow. It's not easy. It's not pain-free. It's very difficult sometimes. But I can use my...






writing & art

...to heal, to grow, to process, to learn, to truly live an artful, authentic life.

If and when I fall, I get up. And so do you.


  1. Jennifer,
    You do live, art - fully. I see it in your blog, your personal posts and comments, and I most especially see it in your beautiful girls. I thank you for sharing your life with "us" - I gather so much joy from your views and words and the charming stories of your family. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer. I don't know if I've commented here before, but I really do enjoy your posts and your blog. It brings a perspective of beauty and courage into my thoughts that I love. Thanks for sharing your art- and love- filled living with us! :)

  3. Hi Heidi! Nice to see you here. Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate it.

  4. AMEN! All so true! Isn't it funny how we can be so resistant to identifying ourselves in a certain way? I was laughing at myself while reading your post because I couldn't call myself a musician for years, even when I was earning a degree in music. But I am a musician, I always have been. I knew I was an artist. I'm learning that I'm a writer. These things help me to never give up and to engage in my life positively. You expressed that very well.

    And I never knew the story behind "Life Art.fully," so this was very interesting! Thank you! ~Wendy

  5. Thank you, Wendy! And LOL at you not being a musician.


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