Muffin Theology

Natalie & I were making muffins today. I was giving her little jobs to do, as she likes to help. She put the paper liners in the tin, then asked if she could stir the batter. As I added in the ingredients, she stirred, careful not to slosh the mixture over the edges of the bowl. "If I do a really good job, Mama, do you think you will give me more things to do?"

Oh Precious Girl.... This is what I want my heart's cry to be too: "If I do a really good job, Father God, will you give me more things to do?"

If I use my small amounts of faith and patience, will You give me more?

If I give my time and talents, will You give me more?

If I do a really good job loving those You've placed in my life, will You give me more love?

You know what is great? Not only does He tell us that when we are faithful in small things, He will give us more, He also says even when I do not do a good job, even when I go and mess things up badly, He always has more love and more grace to give.


  1. Oh my goodness, our children can sure bring things into focus can't they? Beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad to find yours :)

  2. How precious to have a helper, especially one who is so careful! <3 Interesting perspective; I'm most aware of being in need of the love and grace, as my mistakes stamp everything I do as utterly human. I'm glad God wants me to be human, and I'm glad He can fix things. ~Wendy

  3. Oh goodness. How I love this. :)


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