A Letter to My Daughters: Reflections on Life and Carnival Rides

The carnival at night is where reality and dreams collide. Lights, music and motion all spin together to create a fantasy, just as sugar and air become cotton candy.

When I think about the childhood memories I want you girls to have, this is one of them.


I want you always to remember your favorite ride-buddy: your sister. I pray you take each other along on this ride of life, because life goes up and down and makes you sick and dizzy sometimes, and having a sister to journey with can be just the ticket. I remember the day we found out we had lost our baby, when my world felt upside-down, and my sister, Auntie Sissy, called and talked to me through her tears, and that meant everything to me.

Hannah, don't forget how Natalie makes you laugh. Her humor will help you on a down day.

Natalie, Hannah loves to protect you. If you never need her, she will feel honored to be there for you.

If you feel alone or can't find a friend, look no further than your sister. She is a gift to you, a lifelong friend.


  1. Amen, sister!!! I'm so thankful for my biological sister and my sister-friends, all of whom have been there for me more times than I can count. Don't live life without them! Love you, Wendy

  2. Beautiful, Jennifer. So thankful for sisters.


  3. Sheryl has taught me to laugh more and she has comforted me many many times. She has taught me to verbalize in the moment how special a friend is to me. She is so patient, a lot like Mother. She is spontaneous, generous, and strikingly beautiful. She is so easy to tell everything to and listens well to my stories. Sisters are the best friends to have, and it's worth taking the time to nurture the relationship. I wish that every girl had as wonderful a relationship with their sister as I do. She is such a special lady. I love her beyond measure.


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