Sara at Rest

{click twice to enlarge the picture}


  1. Beautiful tribute Jen- wrapping you in prayer...

  2. What a beautiful memorial page. I especially LOVE the ending lines:
    "No more missing the party.
    This is the party."
    And the stamped angel wings are perfect.
    Love you, Wendy

  3. One day I'll smile when I see things like this, but today the smile is laced with tears. Very moving to see and I too love the last part- this is the party! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, a beautiful tribute. Funny, how a heart can feel so heavy - yet so light - all at the same time. This was a difficult one for me. I have another friend that is going through much the same thing as Sara (and as many of us are). She has been in hospice for the past two weeks. The first week she blogged every day - but this past week has been very quiet.
    Thank you for your remembering.


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