2 years

I began Live Art.fully two years ago today. I started it in response to a new way of looking at my world; a perspective of choosing to look for the beauty in every day.

I began the blog with the intent to write about journaling, creativity, and living inspired. I have touched on those topics, but the posts are tied together with a broader theme. Maybe the theme is only clear to me, but I hope as you journey with me you see glimpses of what I am seeing and learning and that you can see the art in every day.

There are a lot of awful things in the world and it took years of experiencing some of them to form this new outlook of searching out the art in the natural world, the beauty all around me and making sure to incorporate that into my life -- good day or bad day.

Thank you for coming along with me as I Live Art.fully!

 around my little red house these days, I am...

starting 2nd grade and Pre-Kindergarten with my two little learners (loving homeschooling!)


writing a book (memoir-style) on loss and love

organizing our entire home, including garage (this is wonderful! we have a small house and not a lot of storage space in it, so in order to keep it tidy, there can't be too much. we have made major progress in the last two weekends and I am loving our new & improved nest)

gearing up for fall & cooler weather (while my soul adores this time of year, my joints do not. my hands are already beginning to swell and ache again). there is something about fall that I find so inspiring. I feel myself turning inward as the weather begins to change. I head home, both literally and figuratively. I am washing up blankets and thinking about mittens for these aching hands. I am remembering all my favorite hot drinks: Bigelow's Apple Cider tea, Mexican hot chocolate, Pumpkin Spice lattes, and the list goes on.... I am dusting off the recipes for my favorite soups and breads. 

currently reading: under a wing by reeve lindbergh, daughter of famous aviator charles lindbergh & writer anne morrow lindbergh

and you?


  1. Happy Birthday to your blog!! Great reading this as I'm about to start mine :) They will be very different blogs but with the same heart I think, to seek out the uplifting things in life :) I have very much enjoyed your blog the past 2 years and look forward to more!
    I still want to read Gifts from the Sea! and the one you are reading looks good too. Right now I'm reading "Travels with Charlie" by John Steinbeck. Really enjoying it :)

  2. Thank you, Gillian! I can't wait to see your blog; I'm looking forward to it. I loved "Of Mice and Men." I'll have to look for Travels with Charlie.

  3. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Thank you so much for all you've shared here!

    I'm really waiting for fall. Even if I get more achy, it will be worth it. All this relentless sunshine is great for the tomato plants, but I'm beyond tired. I think there's been one partially grey day, and I can't keep up any more.

    Love you, Wendy


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