Willingness to Grow

"Allow events to change you:
You have to be willing to grow.
Growth is different from something that happens to you.
You produce it.
You live it.
The prerequisites for growth:
the openness to experience events
and the willingness
to be changed by them."
 {Bruce Man}


  1. Great quote! I'm reading through it again... I haven't thought of it quite that way- you produce it, I tend to think it happens to us... but I see the truth of his perspective. Wow, thanks for the challenge today- to see things new and fresh!!

  2. Beautiful!!
    Nothing remains the same...absolutely nothing. And most definitely not us!! Every cell in our body changes. I don't remember the exact time frame, but it's like every so many days there is a completely new YOU. It's our resistance to change that causes us our most suffering. One time a great wise old man told me that when you fight against reality, you will always loose. Such good words. I have thought about that comment during some of my worst days. It's my opposition to being sick (cleaning anyway, staying up when I should lay down, committing when I should say no, telling myself I'm "not going to let this get me down"....when rest is what's needed...) that makes life very difficult. Once I admit the truth of things - THEN the beautiful arrives. Moments with my children, unbelievable sunsets, miraculous tiny bugs, colors... these things arrive in the space once taken up by "fighting". It's in the letting go that I am changed.
    Wonderful, wonderful quote. Thank you!!


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