Details, details, details... and the Art of Being Present

In writing, as in life, it is valuable to learn to be present. Writing is enriched when detail from as many of the five senses as possible is included. When I find myself content or joyful in a moment, I often stop and think specifically about what is contributing to my happiness.

Example: "This moment brought by the smell of Tide laundry detergent, the sound of Indie music on Pandora, the taste of cinnamon-brown sugar-cream oatmeal, the sight of two itty bitty girls smiling, and the feel of lavendar-infused shea socks."

What is it that has caught your attention about this moment? Is it a cool breeze that's blowing the wind off your face, or the faint smell of rain lingering in the air? Is it a giggle from your child, or stacks of freshly folded laundry? Whatever it is, use it in your writing.

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