Journaling Escapes

This morning after dropping my Kindergartener off at school, I took my toddler to a coffee shop overlooking the beach. She enjoyed apple juice & toys while I did some writing and sipped a latte. Later, I journaled at the beach while watching her chase seagulls and feed them her Goldfish crackers.

Where are you journaling? Finding new places to journal can free up your writing, and shake up your routine and perspective. This week: pack up the supplies you need to journal and find a new place to write. It might be your car, the playground, a train or bus, a cafe in the grocery store, the doctor's office waiting room, your front yard, or the children's section of your local library. See where your thoughts take you on the page, and report back.

Happy journaling & stay tuned...


  1. Nice timing: I'm going to try journalling on a ship. :-)


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