Seeking Beauty

I have sand on my feet as I write. The ocean inspires me like little else. What inspires you? In the midst of jobs, responsibilities, stress, deadlines, and obligations what feeds you? In starting this blog, I am attempting to create a space where inspiration and art can live. Like a packet of flower seeds, I hope this will be just the beginning of things to come -- for me and for you. Stop by and see what I'm thinking about, what's grabbing my attention and inspiring me. My hope is that you'll begin to search for authenticity; that you will look for beauty around you.

Stay tuned...


  1. I always wished I could write like you, Jenn. When we were at WWC, I always envied your ability to put pen to paper and have something beautiful come out.

  2. Top of my inspiration list would be rows and rows of bookshelves or live music vibrations washing over me. History can get me pretty pumped, too.


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