4 more sleeps...

  • The gifts are purchased & wrapped
  • Hannah's school Christmas program is over
  • Our contribution to our church Christmas vespers was a success -- Hannah made an adorable angel, along with 5 other little girls.
  • I've made a significant dent in my "Christmas movies to watch" list
  • The stockings are stuffed by the chimney
  • 3 more work days (including today) and then we get Jonathan home for 4 days
  • I wish it would be a white Christmas, but am thankful the roads will be better for my family who are traveling
*    *    *

Are YOU ready for Christmas?

Journaling prompts: What was your favorite Christmas present as a child? Why was it special to you?
What's the most memorable Christmas of your past? Why?

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  1. Nathan also wishes for snow for Christmas. I still have gifts to wrap and cooking to do. So far I've only dropped one major thing--not getting boxes mailed in time (they're still in our house).


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