Because He Came

Christmas is wonderment. Because of a stable birth so very long ago, we have a Savior. And because of that Savior, we have hope in the bleak times, and joy in the good times and the bad.

Because He came, we can see the miracles. Because of Him, we hold on when we feel we will be blown over. Because of that baby, we are given the ultimate gift. I hope that this Christmas season, perhaps in the bustle of overcrowded toy aisles, or in the suds of a sink full of Christmas dinner dishes, maybe while sitting quietly in your living room, aglow with dozens of twinkling Christmas tree lights, or on the drive to pick up your child from school that last exhausting, busy week before Christmas break begins, you will feel that special magic that Christmas is. The magic that represents the peace, hope, joy and faith that is ours in this life that is not always easy or good. That magic is because of an obedient Mary, a faithful Joseph, a baby Jesus who was born in the most humble of settings and circumstances, and because of the sacrifice made on the cross. No Christmas present can ever top that gift.

I wish you that moment to remember what's behind this holiday of hustle and bustle and the never-ending "to do" list; that moment that exists because He came.

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