Things I Love about Christmastime

pillsbury ready-to-bake christmas cookies. coffee-mate peppermint-mocha creamer. scarves. red. 4 personalized stockings all hung in a row. family. snow (when we get it). little girls in matching christmas jammies. froofy holiday dresses. my husband in a red tie. journaling by the lights of the christmas tree after everyone's gone to bed and it's quiet. christmas music. traditions. taking hannah to see the nutcracker. 'elf' with will ferrell. peppermint hot cocoa with marshmallows. hearing my daughter ask her baby sister, 'nally, what do you want for christmas?' plotting what to get for the girls with my husband. keeping (good) secrets. swapping gifts with my best friend over tea. the feeling that magic is in the air, that there are possibilities. being together. hope. very real hope because of a child born unto us many, many, many years ago...

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  1. Wonderful list! Nathan would say "Yay red!" I say wahoo for Christmas tea! And many, many other things on your list are things I love as well. Thank you for sharing; I needed this today.


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