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I was excited today to step on the scale and find I have made more progress on my goal to shed some extra pounds this year.

In 4 days, I am leading a journaling retreat for 7 ladies and we are going to spend the weekend laughing, reflecting, writing, sipping hot drinks, and "retreating" from our normal, busy lives. I can't wait to spend time with these women, and to focus on journaling for a couple of days.

When I started this blog last September, it was my dream that maybe someday it would be a foundation for things like journaling retreats. I can't believe this dream is already becoming reality.

The sunshine today (for the 2nd day in a row!) reminded me of Spring, and sure enough, even on the calendar, it is just around the corner. I heard the sound of lawn mowers in my neighborhood all afternoon, and wondered, on the way to pick up my Kindergartener, where my sunglasses are. The whole day seemed to be a reminder that there is always hope, there is always possibility and potential and promise.

Do you have goals for the year? Do you have dreams? Are you making any progress? What's one small step you could take this week to begin, or continue?


  1. I'm making good progress on enjoyable goals, like eating chocolate and reading good books. Treasuring time with my son.

    But the Grand Goals are a much more complicated process. Each baby step seems so small when climing the Himalayas. Many times I step and my foot slides downhill three feet. Sometimes I fall all the way down. At this point I feel very discouraged and beat up, but I know from past experience that I have to keep trying for another four inches uphill, then another four. Eventually the uphill will outstrip the falls, but that may be awhile.

  2. I am making some progress on my goals. But life has been a real bear. There have been many road blocks on my path. I keep adjusting, shifting, gearing down.

    So I am still on the path. But in a slower gear, and having taken several necessary detours.



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