Thoughts Going into the Weekend

Taking a break to chill on the couch with a precious 3 year-old. This girl has long eyelashes, long hair, long fingers & long legs. She is looking like such a big girl.

Lots on my mind today. First of all, I'm enjoying the sunshine (a rarity here in the rainy Northwest), and looking forward to family time and a change of pace this weekend.

I'd also like to warmly welcome those of you who have found my blog via Bonita's Encouraging Words for Writer's blog. It's great to have you here!

Using some sea life stamps made by Cavallini in my journal today. I have three sets of Cavallini stamps. They come in tin boxes, and I love them. If you've never tried using stamping in your journal, I encourage you to try it. I prefer brush markers over stamp pads.

I am praying for a friend of mine who is in the hospital right now, and wishing I could ease her pain.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. I love your Cavallini stamps, and I had never heard of them before you introduced me to them. I love the high quality and the vintage style. I hope they continue to develop the line with more options.

    This weekend I plan to spend time with my dear Sibling who is visiting from Afar. I plan to watch my 5-year-old son sparkle, and I expect I'll also watch him fuss or worse when he's tired. I plan to spend time with a friend who is in the hospital. My family will go grocery shopping. There could be laundry and there will be cleaning. And I always hope to journal.


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