High Tide, Low Tide

It comes and goes, like the tide....

Today I feel the emotions of loss creeping closer again. Just a few days ago I was standing on the sunny beach, the water a great distance away. Now I see the wave coming and I know there's no point in running, because it will catch me.

I have taken quite a break in writing my miscarriage story. I didn't realize when I started writing it just how long it is and how many parts there are to it. I'm also not good at telling a story briefly.

So I'll be back to it. Thanks for being here with me.


  1. ((Hugs)) Thank-you for sharing your journey with us.

  2. I'm very glad you plan to tell the rest of it! I hadn't realized until you started writing it out that there were separations in there. In my memory it was one long grieving painful trauma--but what I remember most about it you haven't gotten to yet, so, so much for my memory!

    I know grief comes and goes, and the tide is a good analogy (great picture, too). I'm sorry you're getting swamped. I salute you for moving forward no matter what. I'm here whenever you need me!

  3. What a sweet and lovely blog! I'll be back for a visit again soon. Blessings,


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