Turning Inward, Slowing Down

Lately I've been marveling over the simplicity of homey things. Things like fresh loaves of steaming bread in the space where afternoon meets evening; a slow cooker of potatoes and corn and carrots and the proper herbs and spices brewing into a flavorful, nourishing soup, ready to pair with soft bread for 6 o'clock supper.

Meals for 4 around a wooden dining table that once held food for my grandparents.

Holding hands and bowing heads.

Hearts full of contentment and tummies full of warmth and homey goodness.

I feel myself turning inward, slowing down and taking delight in nourishing my family.

Tea at 4 after coming in from a drenching school pick-up.

Another load of sweet-scented laundry warmth.

Shiny little girl hair smelling of coconut.

This life is feeding me.

What's feeding YOU?


  1. The simple life... love it! Feeding me lately: friendship. :)

  2. Maybe that's one reason I haven't been journaling in the past week plus. It's hard for me to think of what is feeding me. Reading, perhaps. Imagination. I guess mostly it's knowing I have taken the first several steps in my current war, and I will take the next as soon as I know what it is.

  3. I think my walks are keeping me vibrant and fresh. But then, you knew that :-)


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