Father's Voice

This evening over dinner I was telling the girls some of my memories of meeting them when they were born. As I reminisced, Hannah's eyes sparkled, and Natalie would say occasionally, "And then what happened?" I told them that the night Hannah was born and the day Natty was born were the most special times of my life.

I told them that when Natalie was born she cried and cried, as if unsure of where she was and feeling scared, until the nurse handed her to me and I held her and said, "It's okay, Natty Kate, Mommy's here." As soon as she heard my voice, she recognized it, and stopped crying.

I was thinking as I tucked Natalie in, how often we feel unsure of where we are and where we're going, and how scary that can be. I began to sing a soft little song to Natalie, smoothing her brown hair, "When you're scared, do you listen for your Father's voice?"

Hannah came in from brushing her teeth and asked, "What are you singing to Natalie?" I told her that I was making up a little song and that how Natalie stopped crying when she heard my voice just after she was born is how we should be when we are scared. We should listen for our Heavenly Father's voice, and not be afraid. She said, "Ohhhh," solemnly as if agreeing, and then said, "I just heard God's voice just now! I heard Him say, 'That's right, Jennifer.'"

I don't know if God really spoke to my 6 year-old tonight or not, but what I love is that she believes. She believes that He is real, that He is near, and that He would choose to speak to her.

Do you believe? When you're scared, do you listen to your Father's voice?


  1. How precious. Choked me up a little. Thank you.

  2. Such precious girls. Made-up songs are the best! I'm so thankful that God is bigger than my overwhelming emotions and I can always KNOW that he's with me, whatever I'm feeling. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. agh! LOVE this!

    no. i don't listen to my father's voice. i listen to my own and then wonder why i am completely and utterly panicked.


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