Light in the Dark

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it feels like you've been hit by things that are so big, so strong, so overwhelming, you will never get up again. It's so dark, you can't find your way.

Maybe you lose a loved one unexpectedly.
Maybe you get a diagnosis you didn't want.
Maybe a child you wanted slips away before you even get the chance to say I love you.

Maybe it's not even that big.

Maybe you're simply exhausted.
Worn down.
Shut down.
Run down.

I want to be the person who runs to God when I no longer have the strength to walk.
Talks to God when I can no longer speak.
Listens when I can no longer be heard.

I want to be the person who reaches out when I feel shut in.
Lifts others up when I feel knocked down.
And keeps swimming when I feel I've already drowned.

And when I find myself questioning,
All that swirls around and within me
I want to be the person who praises.


  1. Love it Jenn. Absolutely love it. Thanks for your inspiration.


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