Breathe In, Breathe Out

The golden sunlight washes over our small coastal town and I breathe in a deep sigh of renewed strength, and breathe out a breath of thankfulness.

Tragedy rocked our community last week. A 33 year-old mother and her 8 year-old daughter were killed together in a horrible car accident. Our little town is mourning.

As the questions and grief raged within our hearts, the wind, rain, and hail raged outside our doors.

Wednesday we gathered to remember this beautiful duo that was an integral part of our little town. By Wednesday night I was emotionally drained, exhausted from the tears shed over these precious lives and this week's physical pain and anxious about new symptoms. I went to bed and cried and prayed and tossed and turned, tangled in sheets and hard questions.

Sleep finally came and the next day my little home and its wooden floors were bathed in the same beautiful, soul-renewing golden sunlight we have today.

I breathed in a deep exhausted breath and breathed out all the hurt and the fear and the questions, and remembered that God is still here, He hasn't changed, and that no matter what comes, He will walk with us.


  1. Thank you once again for being transparent Jenn. I too am finding that it's okay to grip tough questions. To feel the pain that rages in and give it to Him and come out on the other side being comforted by THE Comforter. As always; hugs to you dear friend.

  2. Jennifer,
    What lovely words. I'm truly grateful that because of AS, we've met. I'm so sorry for your loss. No words can help you through your grief. Deep cleansing breaths... Jenna

  3. Amen! I say it out loud to myself every morning: "God is always with you, God has always been with you, and God will always be with you no matter what."

    Love that photo of smaller girls.

  4. I just found your blog by way of you "liking" my comment on a Brave Girls Club post. You write beautifully!! I have sooo many journals I can't even imagine my kids ever getting through them all... but someday, they will have to and perhaps want to. May I ask where you are located??? Love the music you have playing as well. Have a fabulous day! *HUGS*

  5. Thank you, Ladies!

    @Tina -- Welcome! I am in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for following, glad to have you here!


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