I'll Remember...


Last night, after my little girls were tucked in and sleeping snugly, I got to work...

I set the table for Valentine's morning with place mats, doilies, china tea cups & saucers, chocolates and candy hearts and tiny dishes filled with heart-shaped marshmallows.

In the center of the table, I filled a little tin basket with tiny notebooks and pens. {Because you just never know who you'll want to jot a little note to on Valentine's Day.}

I went to bed, snug in the arms of the man who has been my Valentine for the last 9 years, and fell asleep to music we listened to when we were dating.

Early this morning, I woke to the sound of little girls, as usual. I got up, eager to implement the day's plans...

Their little faces, 4  and 7, were filled with wonder as Hannah proclaimed,

"This is the BEST Valentine's Day EVER!"

and Natalie asked, "Can I eat my chocolate NOW?"

We had cinnamon rolls and apple slices and yogurt. Little girls had hot cocoa with marshmallows, while Jonathan & I enjoyed coffee with chocolate raspberry creamer.

For one morning, Mama was not ill. Mama was not in pain. All the world was magic. {That's what they'll remember.}

I'll remember their faces, full of delight, and Hannah saying,

"Valentine's Day is a day to let all your love out...
That's what it's all about."

I'll remember the handmade card she made me that said,

The BeST DaYes Kum Wenn You ARe NIR
{the best days come when you are near}

I'll remember little Natalie, sidling up beside me to wordlessly rub my back now and then.

I'll remember my husband walking in the front door at the end of the day, tall and handsome, carrying a bouquet of red tulips and an envelope which read


That's what I'll remember.

What will you remember?


  1. I love your writing, your photos, and your memories! I especially loved reading the reactions of your daughters to their Valentine delight. <3

    I'll remember my Kindergarten son's excitement over his Valentines, and getting to read library books with him in the car right after school. My husband and I exchanged cards at 4:30 a.m. before he went to work, but I also got to hug and kiss him during daylight hours which is a rare gift.

  2. Beautiful, Jenn. Simply beautiful. You're making me cry, here. :)

    *I'll remember waking up to the sound of my hubby attempting to make breakfast, and a bouquet of red roses and a lovey card with lovey notes inside.
    Making a last minute store run the night before for Valentine's for my boys to take to school. Filling them out by myself because the boys wouldn't wake up. My boys bringing home bags of valentines and reading through all of them.


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