As a writer and advertising designer, I just love this word submission. When submitting, whether it's an ad to a newspaper or a piece to an editor or publication, I breathe a sigh of accomplishment.

I've made something out of nothing, polished it, and turned it in. It's submitted. It's a sense of creation and a sense of relief to have finished. I've done my best and it's in someone else's hands now.

When I think about submitting to God, it hasn't had quite that same connotation in the past. I haven't thought of it as a sense of accomplishment to submit, or a sense of having done my best. But isn't that what spiritual submission is? We do our best with something, perhaps grapple with it in many forms, and then finally say, "I've done my best with this. I'm handing it over to You, God."

I'm submitting. I place it in Your hands. I trust You.

I give this to You for examination, consideration, Your say. Your will be done.

There's beauty and sublime peace in the letting go of control; there's peace in the submission.


  1. Hehe! I chose this as my word of the year....It's hard though!

  2. Love this Jenn! And I wondered if Sonja would comment! Perfect!

  3. Excellent perspective! I've never thought of the word in that sense, and I have to say it makes me like it more--thank you!!!

  4. Lovely post...reminds me of my word for the year "release"
    Hope you are doing well!


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