A Sweet Week: Writing and Baking

This week I baked cookies a lot. I made giant chocolate chip, peanut butter dipped & drizzled in chocolate, and soft molasses. Yum!

I also spent several hours writing. {delicious!}

A few years ago I started writing a book about my grandfather and his relationship with my firstborn daughter.  Long before I was born he and his first wife had two beautiful baby girls. They both died before their second birthdays. Throughout the years, he was very quiet and never interacted much with me and my siblings and cousins. I had no idea why for years. 

When my daughter was born, with a little encouragement, he held her.

He held her.

And that changed everything. They developed such a sweet bond.

His last two years of life were her first two. 

He had more time with my daughter than he had with his own.

This is the story I am writing.

And when I needed a break this week, I baked cookies, and when I was ready for a break from cookies, I wrote.

 And it was a sweet week indeed.

I wish you all a very sweet weekend.


  1. Love you Jenn. :)

  2. Very sweet all around! I'm excited that you're working on your book, and the cookies look great.

    Love the blog overhaul!

  3. Very beautiful. Can't wait to read your book when it's published!

  4. What a beautiful post and an amazing gift to both your grandfather and daughter to capture these memories!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I don't suppose you'd also be willing to share some of those cookies? ;)

  6. I wish that Cooper had gotten to know my Grandma, and I wish that my Grandma had gotten the chance to know him. She died 9 months before he was born. I'm so glad your grandfather got the chance to know her.
    And those cookies . . . had I seen this yesterday, when we went to Sand Lake today I would have stopped at your house and invited myself in for some! ;-)

  7. Hi there!

    I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Maya and I write the blog Loving With Chronic Illness. I'm 25 and was officially diagnosed with Spondylitis at age 15. I really love the look and feel of your blog - it is beautiful and I intend on following along as your story unfolds. You also have a gorgeous family. I hope you'll check out my work sometime too: www.lovingwithchronicillness.blogspot.com
    Wishing you pain-free days!

    All my best,


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