When Every Heart Stops Beating

There comes a moment when every heart stops beating.

Classmates, community members, an aunt killed in an instant in car accidents.

An irreplaceable family member taken unexpectedly by a massive stroke.

A grandmother, bruised and frail, gone to leukemia.

The baby we never got to hold...

... and this loss, short in life, long in love, shows me how to love better -- to be more intentional. It urges me to love with my whole heart, to love fully every day, because every life we touch, every person we love is fragile. And it can all be gone tomorrow.

We need to love better, because there comes a moment when every heart stops beating. Yours. Mine. Our spouse's. Our children's. Our parents'.

So we love right now, in this moment, with this breath and this heartbeat.


  1. Precisely what I was thinking today as my mind wondered to the list of things I can no longer do. My heart led me to the things I can do; love, nurture, listen and live fully.

  2. Loving this beautiful message! Thank you. God is so good! It was happy accident that brought me here and I am thankful. <3

  3. This is a tricky balance for me. I've always been very aware of death, and I can become so fearful about losing the people I need that I'm paralyzed. As much as I can, I have to focus on the fact that I DO have these people now, and I will always have God.

    I like the photo; it makes me think of a combination of angel and St. Francis of Assisi.

  4. That is a great reminder! I so enjoy your posts on FB. Such a blessing and encouragement! This week is the anniversary of some tragic deaths in our family and it has been a rough week on me. We never know when our last moment with loved ones will be. I'm so glad for the hope we have though.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God


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