Too Much Fun

Had to share this video I made with my four year-old. She talks about her day

involving church,

 lunch with family,


 tea and cookies

 and about her love for her daddy.

Hope your weekend is "too much fun" as well.


  1. What a great video! You did a really good job, but of course you have Star Quality Material to work with. Such a sweet, sparkly baby bunny, and I love her. I'm so glad it was a special day with too much fun!!!

  2. Wow, your daughter is adorable, and just happens to be my son's age..My daughter Sherri turned 5 in Oct, and Seth turned 4 in Jan...and you my friend are one awesome mom. I can see the happiness in your little girls face, and it warms the heart. Keep working hard!!! And thanks for all your support!

  3. So sweet. What a lovely, heartwarming way to start a lazy Sunday. Gives me hope for the world!

  4. *beautiful* love this SO much!

  5. This brightened my day - what a beautiful little girl! Thank you Jennifer :)


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