Journal Cover Design II

It's time for a new journal.

So yesterday I got out some supplies, and designed a couple new journal covers.

The background of this one, the blue, is my favorite color, and I love butterflies. I love reading to my daughters, and although we only have about another month of spring, it doesn't feel like it's arrived yet in my neck of the woods. My youngest daughter adores bunnies, and we homeschool, so are together constantly. These patterned papers with the bunnies charmed the socks off me.

This cover is simpler in that it was only made with one sheet of paper and a pearl brad.

I love them both. The problem is I can't decide which one to use. 

Which cover do you like best? The Pearl Brad/Bunny cover or the Butterfly/Collage cover?


  1. They are beautiful Jennifer! I need to think of journaling - I haven't done it except in college and that was a long time ago now - it is a practice and a discipline that I haven't been able to conquer. Maybe one day :)
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. I like both...probably leaning toward the first one. But Micah says he likes the second one because of the bunnies. :)

  3. I like both of them. I like the vintage quality. I think the first one looks more like you and the second one looks more like summer where we live. ~Wendy

  4. Oh my goodness, the butterfly page you created was gorgeous! What great ideas this gives me. Do you find it hard to write on pages without lines? Tricia

  5. Hi Tricia and thank you for the comment!

    I used lined journals until about 2009 when I switched to unlined. I made that transition because I wanted to start incorporating more drawings and art into my journals. I thought long and hard before I switched, but I LOVE unlined and wouldn't go back now! I love the freedom it gives me.


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