Traveling through History

This last week I've been working on my book. I have made more progress than I have in the last year combined. It's almost a fever... When I get a bit of time, after the girls are tucked into bed, all I do is write and read and edit and write more.

So I wanted to let you know where I've been.

I've been in the year 2004, when my grandfather first held my daughter; in the year 1980, when my aunt was killed by a drunk driver; in the year 2001, when the twin towers fell.

I've been traveling through history.

How did you spend your week?

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  1. I'm very excited about your writing process and progress! Perfect picture to go with the post. It made me remember turning up the stiffness setting on my mom's manual typewriter in grade school and high school to strengthen up my fingers for playing the piano, which made me feel macho. :-)

    I spent the week taking a boy to swimming lessons, helping him with projects, getting his hair cut, but the best part was spending an afternoon with my best friend talking about journaling and about life. ~Wendy


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