DaySpring Oilcloth Tote: Product Review

The bag rode in the back seat to Grammy's house, toting Veggie Tales DVDs, changes of clothes for the girls, water color paints and sketch books, a storybook, and things I needed for a day away from home. It held an armload -- the perfect amount of comfort and activities for several hours at my parents' house.

The bag rode at my feet as I sat in the passenger seat, the "Flight Attendant." It held my wallet, phone, lipstick, eyeglasses, contact case & solution, books for my girls in the backseat. It held an extra pair of shoes in case my feet flared, PJs for the girls in case it was close to bedtime when we were done shopping in the city.

The bag came on our bookstore/coffee shop date, packed with two journals, a book, art supplies, my phone, my wallet, and a comfortable outfit and other things in case I got cold or super uncomfortable.


The Hope for the Best oilcloth tote by DaySpring is beautiful. The message applies to my life in more than one way right now, and I find it encouraging. Hope has been my theme throughout difficult times in my life, and is even a nickname given to me by one of my friends. I couldn't wait to receive the Hope bag in the mail to review, and was more than pleased when I took it out of the box.

It's soft, yet sturdy, roomy with a strong magnet closure, the straps are long enough to carry comfortably on my shoulder and feel like soft leather. The colors are beautiful and the lining is pink and fun. There are several pockets inside, including cell phone pockets and a zipper pocket big enough for lipstick, change, medications, or whatever you might need to carry with you. 

I received an additional bag to give to a friend. I gifted it to a friend who recently had a birthday. She uses totes all the time for grocery shopping and toting books from place to place, so I was sure she would put it to good use.

The bag would be perfect for a trip to the beach -- throw in towels, sunscreen, snacks & drinks, a good book, and sunglasses. When you get home, it will be easy to wipe clean.

Our family is going on vacation in September and this bag will definitely be coming along! As a mom, I find it the perfect size.

I can think of a dozen uses for this bag, and have carried nothing else since receiving it. I am truly delighted with it and would order more as gifts or for myself. 

Check out the other oilcloth and jute totes by DaySpring here: http://www.dayspring.com/search/?keywords=oil%20cloth

DaySpring is offering a Buy 2, get the 3rd free deal on their beautiful bags through the month of June. Pick up one for you and gifts for friends!

*I received this complimentary bag from DaySpring in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. Hi Jennifer! That was a lovely review and I actually looked at ordering one last week- it really is a good deal on them and I do think they would be versatile :) I hope you are well! Love and blessings to you!

  2. Such a sweet review, Jennifer, so happy that you joined in this month's Inspired Deals :). Reviews are especially good when you can tell the writer REALLY likes the product...like in this case! :)

  3. Pretty + practical = Ideal! Fun to read your review of the lovely new tote. Thanks for sharing with me!


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