True North

Ribbons of the new and unexpected wind in and around normal rhythms. Life isn't static, and as such, you would think I would learn to expect the unexpected. Somehow change still catches me off guard.

I find myself without a map right now. In a place I haven't been before. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar place.

Disoriented, I sit on the edge of my bed at night and journal, determined to use my compass to find true north. My husband walks in and snaps a picture as he says, "Look at you live artfully." {It's a bit of a joke around here.}

I'm a chatterbox, but very much an introvert. A few years ago I dubbed myself an "Expressive Introvert." I have a deep inner thought life. I process everything. Then I have to express it, somehow, in order to fully process my experience.

Change is hard for introverts. I am a creature who cherishes and tries to protect stability. Even when my life looks the same from the outside, if there are elements of change within, I feel it like waves rippling beneath a sailboat.

So it's vital for me to have a true north I can find when I feel blown about on rippling tides or rough seas.

I'm thinking a lot these days about my true north. What that is. What points me right-side-up, feeds me, returns me to what I know to be true about myself and life. Maybe this resonates with you. Maybe, like me, you just needed the words for this feeling so that you could begin identifying all of the things, people, places, beliefs that make up your compass.

Find your true north.


  1. So well-said! I know it in music, but not always in words. Thank you for being expressive, and for sharing your expressions for those of us steeped in our introvertedness and trying to find ways to say it.

  2. Your "expressive introvert" description is so true. Not only must I thought- process, I must also speak my processing to affirm and clarify it. My personality shrivels up if I do not have quiet reflective time to connect with my true north through prayer and scripture. For this I am most grateful, and I understand.


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