Story Made Beautiful

I want to thank you for being here with me Thursday, as I used some of my courage to not only remember our baby {that is so easy to do} but to speak his name.


Your comments and your tears were a gift, and I thank you.

6 years. Shocking that it has been that long, but as you know if you've read this story before, I had a healthy child afterward, in the midst of some years which are easiest to describe as the years of Perpetual Operations.

Not only was she healthy, she was hearty -- born pink, crying, 9 pounds and 8 ounces of second chance.

Today she is tall, lanky, and turning FIVE this month. A "rainbow baby", or baby after a loss, she is my breathing representation of grace; a symbol of God's presence in my story.

We named her Natalie Kate.

Having children was my life-long dream and there were a few times when I thought it might not come true. Life threw obstacles. And yet, here they are, these little women, my dreams come to life.

So humbling. So humbling that He saw fit to allow me to be a mother, their mother. So humbling that it worked out, in spite of, despite, the obstacles.

I am so grateful. Soaked through to the bone with gratitude. This was what I yearned for, and they are here. Not all three, no...

Not all three, and that is hard.

But these two, Hannah and Natalie, they are here and they are breathing and growing, and I breathe thanksgiving and grow faith.

He has made my story beautiful, even with not-so-beautiful ingredients.

Breathing gratitude today.


  1. Beautiful.Simply beautiful.

  2. For all my days, I will be thankful that Hannah was the first baby that I ever held, that you shared her with me when she was brand fresh. She is such a love, with her precious note cards and beautiful art, and I'm thankful for her.

    And for all my days, I will be thankful for Natalie Kate, a kindred spirit from small to tall. I love her sparkle and unconditional affection.

    Every time Nathan says, "I wish Hannah and Natalie were my sisters," I feel so proud and honored that you all are chosen family for us. And I know we would feel the same way about Jordan.

    I'm thankful you get to be a mommy, and I'm thankful we share our journey. Thank you! Love you!

  3. this was so touching sis-guin.this too brought tears to my eyes.beutiful.lots of love and gentle hugs


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