Always and Forever Love

This man I exchanged rings with, tall, dark haired, and broad shouldered, helps me tuck clean sheets around mattress, and tells me he is going to massage my back. This man, who lost sleep last night due to my pain-filled, fitful slumber, wants to help soothe the ache and the pain away, shoo it off so I can find rest tonight. He spends time massaging oil into my back and shoulders, calves and feet, kneading out the tension and soreness as best he can, before tucking me between clean sheets, plugging in heating pad to deliver warmth to my spine, and going to gather my nighttime meds and cold water.

He has always amazed me, this man, with his ability to love me so well. He has taken tender care of me post-op times five, when depression reared its ugly head, through loss & grief, through episodes of extreme pain, and now, when chronic illness came to call. 

And somehow, despite all of my weaknesses, this man, this one I love, is still happy to spend forever with me.

All I can think is that God truly knows my needs. And since He knows the end from the beginning and sees the future, He knew that I would need this man.

This man, with his unconditional love, has been the closest thing I have encountered to God and His “unbreaking, never-ending, never giving up, always-and-forever love.”*

This is how Christ loves us, His bride! Not willing to spend forever without us, despite our flaws and weaknesses.

How loved are we?

*If you have young children at home, I whole-heartedly recommend the Jesus Storybook Bible.


  1. *tears* So beautiful and wonderfully accented with your beautiful wedding photos.

  2. Jonathan is a gift from the Lord to you. To encourage and minister to your heart when you are weak just as I know you encourage him in his moments of need. This is the true meaning of our vows. For better and worse. Sickness and health. How blessed we are by the gift of God's wonderful design of marriage!

  3. Ditto *tears* Precious is the unconditional love of a man devoted first to Christ and then to you and your daughters. Rejoicing with you in your gift :)

  4. Always very nice when a woman honors her husband in stead of making him the butt of her jokes! Good job! Glad you have someone so special.

  5. You are blessed to have a beautiful marriage. I'm sorry you have so much pain. I will pray for you.

  6. Beautiful! Beautiful post, beautiful people, beautiful God.

  7. I’m visiting from Ann’s today – I’m working y way down the list, sorry it’s taken do long to get to you, but I’m glad I got here. :)

    Wedding pictures (sigh) The nose to nose – a classic – may you always do the nose to nose thing :)

    It makes me smile to read that your man is the “suitable counterpart” for you (the Hebrew words for “helpmate in Genesis).

    God Bless.
    Thank you.

    God Bless you and your hubs and your marriage

  8. Tears here too! Found you on the linky at A Holy Experience. Praying for you all.

  9. Beautiful post Jenn. I am so happy to see you so well loved.

  10. Tears are just dripping...I have a man who loves like this too. I am beyond thankful that you have yours.


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