(in)courage: A Beautiful Spot

One of the things I most yearn to do in this life is encourage people around me. Since I was young I have wanted to help those who hurt, lift people up, and point them to the One who offers true healing.

In 2009 some fabulous ladies got together and teamed up with DaySpring to create (in)courage. If you have not yet been introduced, allow me to tell you a bit about this amazing site. (in)courage is all about offering hope and encouragement to women everywhere. At (in)courage, there are new doses of inspiration and authenticity served daily. 

(in)courage is a community and a project I am passionate about; I am honored to be featured today.

Have you ever felt like a dirty stain? Like despite your best efforts, your character was irreversibly stained? Click here to read my (in)courage story.


  1. YES~! I Have. This post about the spot/stain/artistry is enormously encouraging-thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I'm excited that you were published on (in)courage, and I love the post. I'm so thankful God sees beauty in our stains and scars.


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