Monday Mercies: 10.17.11 {No Greater Mercy}

There is no greater mercy that I know of on earth than good health except it be sickness; and that has often been a greater mercy to me than health…
It is a good thing to be without a trouble; but it is a better thing to have a trouble, and know how to get grace enough to bear it.” {C.H. Spurgeon}

Pondering this quote today and recognizing Truth. Thanks to Ann Voskamp for including this quote in her post.
My Monday Mercies...

sunlight spilling in on wooden floors
little girl legs in aqua tights, tucked into pink furry slippers
the learning, even when it's hard
the teaching, even when it's hard
jobs in this economy
flour for bread-making
washing machine to spin linens clean
pillow & heating pads to help combat pain
stacks of warm sweet laundry
sweet little faces
hands that hurt less today
marriage and partnership
autumn-hued leaves

What are your mercies today?


  1. Oh, I love that quote. And I have learned how true this is through my own illness. Blessings to you.

  2. What a beautiful list. I too love stacks of warm laundry (had some of those this weekend). I love the quote you shared.

  3. Isn't that such a great quote? It is so profound, and left my head spinning thoughtfully after I read it.

  4. Love this. My mercies include a sweet little one humming "Sweet Song", a girl willing to take Algebra instruction, and this quote showing up in my day. Thanks, sweet girl.

  5. Your words put me back in time...when my kids were little. For a moment, I was there...truly there. Thank you.

  6. Seven-year-old kiss pressed to the back of my head
    An hour of reading in the car after school
    Velvety coat of rich purple
    Glued shoes that held
    Freshly mowed green lawn
    Lush fir trees with ski-tip boughs
    Bite of the lyric sinking into my soul as I sing it
    Caller ID
    Pockets of soul-space time not "on call"


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