When You're Walking in Shadow

As a person of faith I know, cognitively, that I am not alone. That my God walks with me, never leaving me.

But sometimes the shadows come and I walk in darkness. And that walk becomes a limp.

I wait for the moments I step into sunlight again; I wait for the warmth that takes the pain away, the light that soaks through my heart.

It's one thing to know that I am not alone.

But sometimes I need to feel it, to see it, to touch that knowledge.

Today I am thankful for the visible and touchable reminders God sends into my life that tangibly reinforce the reality of His presence and grace.


  1. Not liking that you are in pain, but appreciate your honesty. Praying that warmth will seep in and that this time will draw you closer to Him. I've heard He gives us enough light for the step we're on. Sometimes it's difficult to see that.

  2. I'm thankful for that knowledge that God is always with us no matter what, and the peace that comes with it. I'm glad God's reality is bigger than my feelings and fears!


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