Who is the Best Daddy in the World?

Today I had a conversation with my 4 year-old daughter Natalie. It went like this:

Jennifer: "Don't you guys think we have the best daddy in the world?"

Natalie: "Well, not the best daddy. But he is nice."

Jennifer: "Oh, really? Who do you think is the best daddy?"

Natalie: "Every single daddy in the world who takes good care of children is the best daddy yet."

I thought her response was profound. A big thank you to all the daddies in the world (including my dad, Larry, and the girls' dad, Jonathan) who take good care of children.


  1. I agree! I try to thank my husband as often as I can remember for being such a great Daddy, and I'm very thankful for my Daddy as well. It makes me proud to know these men who consciously put their families first. That changes the world.

  2. I don't have to be the best Daddy ever, just the best that I can be. If these girls can grow up knowing that their dad loves them unconditionally and always will, then I think I've succeded.


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