17 things i'm loving... {st. patrick's day}

1. daffodils & tulips

2. puffy white clouds

3. colored sky behind black tree & building silhouettes

4. bookstores

5. coffee shops

 6. being a family

7. my red laptop, affectionally called rouge

8. the pacific ocean

9. canson wirebound 7x10 journals

10. my live art.fully necklace, made by fabulous jewelry designer & blogger, lisa leonard.

11. kelle hampton's blog Enjoying the Small Things. kelle is a mother of 2 darling girls, professional photographer and writer. she blogs about the beauty in every day.

12. the growing journaling community on our live art.fully facebook fan page. become a fan and be a part of the discussions & inspiration.

13. hazelnut coffee creamer

14. lounge pants

15. the sound of the pouring rain late at night

16. pandora. register for free and type in your favorite song or artist. pandora creates a radio station based on what you entered. it's a great way to discover new artists.

17. a couple of green-clad girls, who are part irish.

what are you loving? 

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  1. This is a great list! I want to follow the links soon. I also must make a list of blessings in my journal, inspired by your post. Thank you!


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