These are the moments...

Take time to stop and smell the daffodils
We only get to live today once.

I only get today that my firstborn is this small. Tomorrow she will be older.

This is one of the last few months she'll be in Kindergarten.
One of the last few months I'll hug her and say, "I love you. I'll see you at 3 o'clock."
One of the last few months I'll watch her walk into her school -- so big and yet so small...
Walk into the world, to learn & to grow.

Have you taken any time lately to capture the best parts of your life? Whether that's with a camera or a pen, don't forget to make time. Things change so fast, and your memory will not hold onto the details you think it will.


  1. This post got me thinking. Soon Nathan will be able to read absolutely everything by himself. That's going to change our lives. Sometimes I wish there were a NathanCam to record everything about him, especially his lively imagination. It is not possible for me to record everything, so I try to catch the bigger pieces in my journal and on his calendar as we go along. I don't want to be so busy documenting that I'm not present, either.

  2. Yes, Wendy, there is a balance, definitely. When we're busy I try to memorize the little significant moments until later in the day when I have time to write them down.


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