Love Your Little People

Yesterday evening, curled up with Hannah, she asked me to read her my blog story about when she was born. Near the end, I had to pause and smile for a minute, before saying, "I'm going to cry, Hannah." I finished the story, and she was very quiet. I peered around at her face and there she was, weeping silent little tears. I asked her why she was crying, and she replied, "It just makes me so happy."

I was moved that just taking the time to read to Hannah about her story -- my pregnancy with her, the night she was born, who she is now, at 6 years old, all the little things I remember about her babyhood -- moved her to tears. Our kids need to know we love them. They need to feel our love to the tips of their toes and clear up to their ears.

To all my friends who are parents: Don't just love your children, show them! Make certain that they know you adore them more than anything. Tell them and retell them and then tell them again. And keep on showing them.

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