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Today I am feeling tired. I miss Jonathan & Hannah and can't wait until about 5:30 when we're all together again. Dinner, stories, family togetherness.....

I was out getting groceries when Jonathan came home for lunch. When I got home I found his "footprints" flashing across my laptop screensaver: "You are Amazing!"

Natalie keeps plopping in my lap and squeezing me tightly around the neck. She says, "I love you because you give me so many kisses."

This morning, I looked Hannah straight in her gold-flecked blue eyes and told her, "I adore you." I told her that the lucky thing about being her Mama is that I get to adore her more than anyone else in the whole world does. She said, "You don't adore me most." I asked her who could possibly adore her more than I do, and she replied with a little impish grin, "Jesus."

I'm off to make this cake for dessert tonight, when the four of us are all under one roof again. It's no one's birthday today, but just being a family is reason enough to celebrate.

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  1. One of my favorite things, now or ever, is that Nathan will randomly say throughout the day, "Momma, I do like you." "I love you, Momma." Gives me hugs and kisses.

    The first years were so hard, and I still feel their weight on me; but it does help that he loves me and he knows it. I have always loved him, hugged him, kissed him, and told him how I feel about him. But it matters that he can now do the same.

    BIG fan of that cake!


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